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If you have a desire to grow your child into a strong reader, this course is a foundational first step. An easy-to-follow guide and videos will  walk you through simple steps to check your child for reading strengths and weaknesses. After taking this course, you will know EXACTLY what areas to target to help your child succeed… all for only $39!

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We are so excited to provide quick, affordable online courses to educate parents on becoming their child’s interventionist.  This courses are self-paced and can be completed from the comfort of your own home.  Upcoming courses include:

  • Grow Strong Decoding: Help your child learn to decode words (early reading)
  • Grow Strong Comprehension: Help your child understand what they are reading
  • Grow Strong Fluency: Help improve your child’s reading speed and reading voice
  • Grow Strong Spelling: Help your child become a confident speller
  • Grow Strong Test Skills: Help your child feel comfortable navigating a high-stakes reading test
  • Grow Strong Academic Reading Skills: Help your child read their textbooks (secondary and college-level reading)


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