Parents Grow Their Children Best

Parents Grow Their Children Best graphic

I’ll never forget the feeling of holding my crying baby in the darkness of 2:30 in the morning as I frantically searched online for infant sleep tips. I generally consider myself a knowledgeable, educated woman, but when it came to the topic of infant sleeping, and even more real, when it came to those dark, sleepy moments, I just needed someone to answer my questions and help.

When we, as parents, see that our children have a need, it is our natural desire to want to do something to help or meet that need.  In my nearly ten years of reading intervention and reading instruction, I’ve found that most parents have a deep desire to help their children improve their reading skills, but lack the tools to know how to help.  Many end up spending way too much money on tutoring programs with little to no result, and others do everything they know how to do to work on it at home with their children, but end up feeling frustrated and frazzled at the end of it all.

Helping your children learn to read should not be expensive, and it should not be a stressful experience.  Instead, it should be a natural, beautiful time together.  It should create precious memories together, just as lovely as a family vacation or special outing.  But just as I needed specific steps to learn how to help my child sleep through the night, I know that parents need manageable, clear steps to help their children learn to read or improve their reading, and that is why I have created “Grow Strong Readers” as a resource to guide parents developing strong reading skills in their children.

As a parent, you know your children better than anyone else.  You were there when they learned to eat, walk, and wave.  You know what excites them and what scares them.  And more than anyone in the world, they love and want to learn and grow from you.  While I support education in public, private and home school settings, I believe that regardless of where your child is being formally educated, reading is a practice that should occur in the home from infancy to adulthood outside of school.  Parents play a major role in this process.

My goal is to guide parents to the knowledge and understanding we all need in order to help our kids be successful readers, regardless of their age, hindrances, or current ability levels, along with supplying the tools they need to accomplish this goal.  My tips are simple and immediately applicable.  Download my “Five Fast Tips for Reading Improvement” for free to get started!  You can subscribe to my newsletter and receive e-mail updates when I post new tips to the blog, and you can even ask me a question directly.  I’m excited to work with you and hear how your child has grown!

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